Our Medical Systems Are Broken

Our medical systems are broken. Doctors are capable of extraordinary (and expensive) treatments, but they are losing their core focus: actually treating people ~ Dr. Atul Gawande, surgeon and professor at Harvard Medical School.


We have now found treatments for nearly all of the tens of thousands of conditions that a human being can have. We can’t cure it all. We can’t guarantee that everybody will live a long and healthy life. But we can make it possible for most.

But what does it take? Well, we’ve now discovered 4,000 medical and surgical procedures. We’ve discovered 6,000 drugs that I’m now licensed to prescribe … And we’ve reached the point where we’ve realized, as doctors, we can’t know it all. We can’t do it all by ourselves.

We’re all specialists now, even the primary care physicians. Everyone just has a piece of the care. But holding onto that structure we built around the daring, independence, self-sufficiency of each of those people has become a disaster. We have trained, hired and rewarded people to be cowboys. But it’s pit crews that we need, pit crews for patients.

There’s evidence all around us: 40 percent of our coronary artery disease patients in our communities receive incomplete or inappropriate care. 60 percent of our asthma, stroke patients receive incomplete or inappropriate care. Two million people come into hospitals and pick up an infection they didn’t have because someone failed to follow the basic practices of hygiene.

There’s another sign … the unmanageable cost of our care. Now we in medicine, I think, are baffled by this question of cost. We want to say, “This is just the way it is. This is just what medicine requires.”

But I think we’re ignoring certain facts that tell us something about what we can do. As we’ve looked at the data about the results that have come as the complexity has increased, we found that the most expensive care is not necessarily the best care. And vice versa, the best care often turns out to be the least expensive — has fewer complications, the people get more efficient at what they do.

But when we look at the positive deviants — the ones who are getting the best results at the lowest costs — we find the ones that look the most like systems are the most successful. That is to say, they found ways to get all of the different pieces, all of the different components, to come together into a whole. Having great components is not enough, and yet we’ve been obsessed in medicine with components. We want the best drugs, the best technologies, the best specialists, but we don’t think too much about how it all comes together. It’s a terrible design strategy actually.

There’s a famous thought experiment that touches exactly on this that said, what if you built a car from the very best car parts? Well it would lead you to put in Porsche brakes, a Ferrari engine, a Volvo body, a BMW chassis. And you put it all together and what do you get? A very expensive pile of junk that does not go anywhere. And that is what medicine can feel like sometimes. It’s not a system.

Now a system, however, when things start to come together, you realize it has certain skills for acting and looking that way. Skill number one is the ability to recognize success and the ability to recognize failure. When you are a specialist, you can’t see the end result very well.


1,000 trainee doctors quit due to poor English, report says

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 9 — Poor English proficiency has led over 1,000 medical graduates to quit their ambitions to become doctors, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) Malacca chapter president Prof Dr M. Nachiappan said.

According to The Star today, Dr Nachiappan said this is even though the graduates have completed their two-year housemanship in public hospitals.

“The main reason was poor grasp of English. This is not good for the medical fraternity and does not augur well for the nation if stakeholders do not execute some plans to improve the standard of English,” he was quoted saying in the English daily’s report today.

Other factors, he said, included the graduates’ lack of interest in medical training, their poor relationship skills with patients and their frustrations over working conditions.

He also said that their poor command of the English language made it difficult for the trainee doctors to keep up with their peers.

“There must be an urgency to improve the grasp of the language at the primary level. Otherwise, the quality of doctors will go downhill,” said Dr Nachiappan, who is also deputy dean of the Melaka Manipal Medical College.

He added that schools were also finding it hard to produce medical graduates of quality due to their lack of exposure to English from an early age.

He pointed out that most reference books on medicine, as well as lectures, are conducted in English.

“The quality of our students is compromised due to their inabilities to communicate in English,” he was quoted saying.

Parent groups have been lobbying the government to reintroduce the teaching and learning of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI), a policy introduced in 2003 but discontinued seven years later.

English-language lobbyist such as the Parents Action Group for Education (PAGE) continue to push for the return of — or at least the option for parents to choose — the discontinued policy that they contend was needed to improve the mastery of English as well as technical subjects.

The Education Ministry recently made it mandatory for students sitting for the SPM to pass the English language examination beginning 2016.

See more at: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/malaysia/article/1000-trainee-doctors-quit-due-to-poor-english-report-says#sthash.OEiqXwS4.dpuf


What Doctors Don’t Know About Nutrition

 Ty Bollinger: …. One of my good friends is a physician in San Antonio. He said that he went to school for 12 years. Twelve years! He had two literal hours on a Wednesday afternoon for nutrition and that’s it. So, the reason that your doctor does not tell you about the effects of nutrition on your health or about the effects of nutrition on cancer is that he or she doesn’t know it..

 Mike Adams: You are what you eat!

So, if you’re eating junk, if you’re eating toxins, or if you’re eating heavy metals, your body, your brains, your organs, your skin and everything that’s in your physical body becomes junk, becomes toxic, and becomes processed. Not natural.

That idea is not yet recognized by the entire system of modern medicine with all of its claimed advances and with all of the billions of dollars that have gone in the cancer-research industry. They still cannot yet grasp a simple concept that a five year old understands almost automatically.

Hospital Error Death by Medicine is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Death my nedicine

Did you know that avoidable medical errors are the THIRD leading cause of death in America? Most of us already knew that the leading cause of death in America is Heart Disease. This is followed closely by the “Big C” (cancer). But most are shocked to learn the third leading cause of death…. Hospital Error. Death by Medicine has become the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

When you enter a hospital, you’re looking for help and expect to be safe, right? What you may not know is that you are literally putting your trust into a system that is broken.  Tragically thousands of people die every day from the “care” they receive … rather than from the emergency, disease or medical need which brought them to the hospital in the first place.

This information is strategically pushed “under the rug” and not openly discussed. Of course hospitals don’t want the public to know how statistically risky their hospital or healthcare facility may be.

Martin Makary, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine who led the research, said in an interview that the category includes everything from bad doctors to more systemic issues such as communication breakdowns when patients are handed off from one department to another.

“It boils down to people dying from the care that they receive rather than the disease for which they are seeking care,” Makary said. … His calculation of 251,000 deaths equates to nearly 700 deaths a day — about 9.5 percent of all deaths annually in the United States.

When there is an airplane crash and passengers are killed, there is a thorough investigation and, if need be, new laws are passed to help prevent the same problem from occurring in the future. The medical system is completely different. Hospitals habitually hide their “accidents” and the patient’s families don’t know where to turn for help.

Whenever possible: Stay out of the hospital. Remember… the people can be friendly and kind. It’s the system that is broken.


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Water fluoridation promotes cancer

The science is clear: Water fluoridation promotes cancer across the entire population.

Government officials are fully aware of this, and they know that “fluoride” is just a name for highly toxic industrial waste chemicals produced in China. Yet they continue to dump it into the public water supply anyway.

Click here for the latest scientific evidence on fluoride and cancer.


Australian blogger who lied about cancer faces legal action

SYDNEY – A disgraced Australian blogger who lied about having brain cancer and said she cured herself of the disease through natural therapy is facing legal action by a consumer watchdog over “false claims”, the body said Friday.

Belle Gibson launched a cookbook and smartphone app in 2013 following claims she overcame the disease through alternative therapies such as Ayurvedic medicine and with a diet free of gluten and refined sugar.

She admitted to an Australian magazine last year that she made up the diagnosis.

Consumer Affairs Victoria said it was taking legal action relating to “false claims by Ms Gibson and her company concerning her diagnosis with terminal brain cancer, her rejection of conventional cancer treatments in favour of natural remedies and the donation of proceeds to various charities”.

“The Whole Pantry” was a cookbook with 80 mostly plant-based recipes that drew inspiration from Gibson’s purported battle against cancer.

Gibson’s lie began unravelling when it emerged in March 2015 that she failed to donate A$300,000 (S$300,300) in profits from the sales of her cookbook to charity as promised and friends started to question her diagnosis via the media.

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Drugs CAN NOT cure anything



Probably the most common question I am asked regarding the actual credibility of reversing cancer, goes something like this: If there really IS a CURE for cancer, why wouldn’t my doctor tell me about it?

Let me explain. Your doctor is trying to provide the best treatment for you within his or her knowledge and within the acceptable protocol of treatments offered. But doctors are taught almost nothing about prevention or nutrition in medical school.

Doctors are specialists in treating the symptoms of disease. Most doctors do not receive more than FOUR HOURS of training in nutrition during their four years of medical school. And the primary reason they receive this training now (because when I had cancer they were receiving less than 1 hour in four years) is because of the backlash from the public.

The pharmaceutical industry is a HUGE part of the problem. It’s a multi-billion-dollar industry which provides much of the funding for medical schools and nearly all of the advertising in medical journals. Money really talks in medicine. So your doctor’s ongoing education is largely about drugs and the newest drugs on the market.

The problem is… Drugs CAN NOT cure anything. They only treat symptoms at best and rake in lots of cash in the process. Even chemotherapy is a classic and long-standing example. Chemo is a drug, aimed at shrinking tumors and destroying cancer cells (symptoms). But it also makes the cancer more “chemo resistant” and never deals with the root problem of why a person has cancer in the first place.

Let’s not forget the world’s oldest GOLDEN RULE: He who has the gold – rules!

Source: http://www.paulablack.org/blog/2016/5/2/what-your-doctor-doesnt-know-may-be-killing-you-by-paula-black