GM Mosquitoes — Do You Hear That?

Dr Lim Thuang Seng, an immunologist appeals to the government to seriously reconsider their intention to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Pahang and Malacca. According to him, GM mosquitoes will fail, and incur heavy costs.

Let me highlight two comments from readers who read this report.

Read X wrote: Firstly, how much does an immunologist know about mosquitoes. That is best left to the entomologists. Although it is quite rightly pointed out that this is likely going to be a short term measure, it may be important to halt the epidemic scourge at this moment. Therefore it is of paramount importance to stress on basic cleanliness of our environment, in tandem with this exercise. Only in this way can we ensure longer term success with dengue. Dr Lim, as an immunologists, what are your solutions? It is easy to say what will fail, but what we need is for bright brains like yourself to tell the nation about what measures that might work.

My comment: You cannot solve human problems with Ph.D. certificates. Only commonsense and wisdom which comes from experience devoid of hidden “greed” can help. First, let us understand what this whole thing about Genetically Modified Organism is all about.

Reader Y wrote: The writer had pointed out GM mosquitoes are not feasible. Not only that, it is also potentially dangerous and harmful. So why should we go ahead with something that will not produce results and pose a danger at the same time. To do so is completely stupid! Like Anon said earlier, money must have changed hands and cannot tarik balik!


Author: CA Care

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