Is Going to Hospital More Dangerous Than Going to War?

Safety is, however, a matter of perspective. It depends on which side of the fence you are on. If you are against herbs, you would say that herbs are not scientific, not proven and not approve by the FDA (US-Food & Drug Administration). Therefore herbs are dangerous.

Dr. Ni (in Secrets of Self Healing) said that in the US, less than 50 people died due to herbal medicine. At the same time, more than 100 people died due to allergy as a result of eating peanuts and shell fish, etc. Compare these figures to 140,000 deaths each year in American because of people taking pharmaceutical drugs and medical errors. It is also a well known fact that 2.2 million people are injured each year due adverse drug reactions.

Deaths / year in USA
Herbal medicine
Less than 50
Allergy to peanuts, shellfish, etc.
More than 100
Pharmaceutical drugs & medical error
Adverse drug reactions – injury to  2.2 million Americans each year

It seems to me that eating peanuts is more dangerous that taking herbal medicine. And it also appears that going to the hospitals in the US is even more dangerous that going to war in Afghanistan.


Author: CA Care

In obedience to God's will and counting on His mercies and blessings, and driven by the desire to care for one another, we seek to provide help, direction and relief to those who suffer from cancer.

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