When science goes mad: Just because we can doesn’t mean we should

Robert Knight, The Washington Times,  21 January  2011,wrote:

On any given day, scientists jolt us with new findings – and possibilities.

The white coats in China are busily creating chimeras, the offspring of humans mated with animals (via Petri dish) in order to develop vaccines. With cloning and genetic engineering upon us, the question of whether something should be done is fast being eclipsed by what can be done. But we must keep asking the first question as if our lives depend on it.

In 1943, in “The Abolition of Man,” C.S. Lewis warned that not all scientific advances are benign because human beings are not benign: “Man’s conquest of Nature … means the rule of a few hundreds of men over billions upon billions of men …Each new power won by man is a power over man as well.”

Scientific advances are a two-edged sword, as C.S. Lewis observed. As genetic engineering becomes more doable, the temptation will increase to tamper with human life. We already are far along that track.

… each “advance” must be weighed as to how it will affect the weakest and most defenseless among us. “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.”





Author: CA Care

In obedience to God's will and counting on His mercies and blessings, and driven by the desire to care for one another, we seek to provide help, direction and relief to those who suffer from cancer.

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