Truth or Money?

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Is it Time to Boycott This ‘Anti’ Cancer Charity?–more-interested-in-wealth-than-health.aspx

The 130-page document linked below explains in detail why the American Cancer Society may be far more interested in accumulating cash than curing any disease. The ACS has close ties to the mammography industry, the cancer drug industry, and the pesticide industry.

It is riddled with conflict of interest.

And in fact, according to the report, the ACS has a reckless, if not criminal record on cancer prevention. Over and over again, they have promoted drugs and screening while ignoring environmental causes.

The report states, in part:

“The ACS … [has] long continued to devote virtually exclusive priority to research on diagnosis and treatment of cancer, with indifference to prevention, other than faulty personal lifestyle, commonly known as ‘blame the victim,’ … Not surprisingly, the incidence of cancer over past decades has escalated

The report that you can download:


Corrupt to the Core

Dr. Shiv Chopra is one of three Health Canada scientists whose testimony before a Senate Committee in 1998 triggered headlines around the world. The scientists testified that Health Canada managers had pressured them to release suspect veterinary drugs into the food chain without the evidence of safety required by the Food and Drugs Act.

In telling the story of his career, Chopra provides a detailed account of intrigue, manipulation and deception as Health Canada managers scramble to please drug companies – at the behest of their own political masters – by approving inadequately tested drugs. He accuses management of:

  • Ignoring, sidelining and attacking scientists who would not bow to management pressure to approve drugs without the legally-required evidence of safety
  • Arbitrarily approving by fiat veterinary drugs containing known carcinogens and hormones with known serious health impacts
  • Refusing to revisit previous drug approvals when subsequent evidence emerged that these drugs were not safe
  • Promoting people who showed themselves willing to comply with these deceptive practices, while sidelining scientists who adhered to the law
  • Distorting, manipulating or ignoring scientists’ reports on the risks of certain drugs
  • Muzzling scientists whose findings were inconvenient to the department, by forbidding them to speak to anyone about their work.

After a promising start, Chopra’s career with Health Canada went nowhere as he repeatedly clashed with management over certain drug approvals. The end came for Chopra and his colleagues a few years after their Senate appearance, when all three were fired simultaneously.


To protect yourself from getting cancer, or a recurrence, choose foods, house and garden products, play spaces, toys, medicines and medical tests that will minimize your exposure to toxins. Here are some tips!

Eat a plant-based, organic diet

Be physically active

Be a cancer smart consumer!

Avoid Radiation

Make a Difference

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