Distress of a Doctor

A Concerned Citizen, a reader of Malaysia Chronicle wrote an article, What is happening to our medical profession.  http://www.malaysia-chronicle.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=16051:what-is-happening-to-the-medical-profession&Itemid=2

Some excerpts of what he wrote:

I have spent more than 30 years serving the people but today I am at crossroads wondering if I am witness to the beginning of the end of the glorious and noble profession …  Sadly there are growing signs that the sacrosanct ideals of the profession seem to be taking a withering loss of color.

…  my observation is that the cost of patient care has become inflated to an extent that it is hugely frightening for a citizen if he has to become an unfortunate victim of ill health. Is the medical cost in tandem with the citizens’ per capita income or within his means. If a patient is struck with an illness like stroke or cancer or organ failures then the fear of not being able to meet the cost is even more frightening which could be the cause of further mental stroke and eventual collapse of his mental faculties making it wonder if life is even worth living. If this is really the case then are the doctors still holding on to the sacred belief that their profession is bound by their inherent belief to heal the patient at all cost.

Being able to come to a correct diagnosis is good and this can be obtained with expensive technology. But is this going to make it impossible for the patient to afford and avail this service … Is healing based on all the expensive machinery and the most expensive drugs available in the market.

This is something doctors must most honestly search his mind and answer. Then again I have to ask. With all the expensive machinery and drugs available why is it that many of the diseases that patients suffer from are still left incurable. Is cough and cold curable? How then does it get cured ? Is cancer curable? Is diabetes curable? Is eczema curable? When I say cure I mean that the disease becomes non existent. This is what I mean. If a patient has to be on a drug on a life time basis then it is not a cure. The disease is still inherent with the symptoms merely being blanketed by drugs till death takes over.

The aim of a doctor is to heal the sick. If the healing has not been obtained then it is only logical that the treatment could have been either wrong or insufficient. This unfortunately is the saddest part of a doctor. Where then is the missing link? This is food for thought. Is it the training or the modus operandi of the system that has led to this sad state? Or is there a divine anomaly somewhere that doctors have lost sight of. The answer to healing is available in this universe. It is all left to the doctors to go and look for the answers and you will find it.

If we look around today it is indeed shocking that doctors have lost sight of their sacrosanct virtues both in terms of professional virtues and the original Hippocratic fundamentals that a doctor has been trained to adopt and envelope as part of their attire. What we see today is the doctors have adopted a mercenary cloak for themselves. There is the subtle cloak under which they thrive their mercenary like style. There seem to be blatant disregard for ethics.

Many doctors are found to be rude, arrogant, and dishonest with their diagnosis. The dishonest diagnosis is meant to scare the patient into accepting the expensive treatment costs. This is not a myth or fault finding but is a real happening in the market.

Doctors’ behavior towards patients can be a rude awakening for patients. They shout, scold and threaten as if the patient can be subject to bullying at his whims and fancies. I have personally seen and witnessed doctors being rude, disrespectful and even threatening to patients in the presence of their spouse and children. This cannot and should not be condoned otherwise the medical profession will be categorized like any trader selling their snake oils and wares. I have seen doctors even quoting their fees to patients based on whether he/she wants a second hand proton or a Mercedes  Benze. I have seen doctors who despise other doctors with no care for their reputation or welfare. Everyone else is wrong except himself.

Remember, the people are becoming wiser and more knowledgeable day by day due to the multi media super highway technology. Or are they lost in their own time wrap?

It is the blatant mercenary attitude that I condemn.

It is obvious they have lost all professional ethics and have wasted their training and these are the same ones who will finally destroy a noble profession to the likes of a loan shark or a trader at the pasar malam or night market.

Today private hospitals have become a mercenary business enterprise and that is why so may private businessmen have started investing in private medical centres and hospitals. Look at the number of medical and dental colleges sprouting up where ridiculous fees are being charged. Educational institutions are based on how much money one can keep milking from parents. It is shameful and a gross dereliction of fundamental duties and values. Is it not obvious if children who study at these colleges take it upon himself / herself that it should be their duty and goal to continue to exploit the patients to make up the suffering the parents endured. It cost almost half a million ringgit to become a doctor today and therefore one must make his or her first million in the first year of work as the prime motto of every medical graduate. This is shameful and this is what we are witnessing.

My honest suggestion is that every doctor should open their doors to cater to patients at least once a week and start healing the sick at no cost. If you can do this for the rest of your life then and only then will you realize what healing the sick really means and then you will begin to value the great and sacred virtues of the profession. Till then I offer my prayers for each one of you.

– Concerned Citizen is a reader of Malaysia Chronicle –
Wednesday, 20 July 2011 10:20



You Won’t Believe Who’s Now Teaching Dietitians Their Education Courses…

According to the American Dietetic Association, registered dietitians are now given formal education by the Coca Cola Company Beverage Institute for Health and Wellness on how safe its ingredients are.

Oh, what a joke … really, sick joke! Are you and your children going to be told that drinking all those canned drinks — whatever brand it is — is good for health?


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To put blinkers over our eyes … they created a very high sounding-name-institute … click this link,


And mind you with support from Health Experts …. You believe that?

Antibiotics can be recklessly given to healthy animals to make them grow faster

They – the health experts tell you: Eat anything you like, food has nothing to do without your cancer or any of your illness. You buy that? What many don’t learn in school is that those animals (even fish) that you eat are often “laced or fed” with antibiotics … you eat them and you also eat the antibiotics. As simple as that!

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According to the article in the New York Times:

Every year in the United States, 325,000 people are hospitalized because of food-borne illnesses and 5,000 die, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s right: food kills one person every two hours.

Perhaps the most disgraceful aspect of our agricultural system … is the way antibiotics are recklessly stuffed into healthy animals to make them grow faster.

The Food and Drug Administration reported recently that 80 percent of antibiotics in the United States go to livestock, not humans. And 90 percent of the livestock antibiotics are administered in their food or water, typically to healthy animals to keep them from getting sick when they are confined in squalid and crowded conditions.


Do you ever learn such thing in school? I did when I was in Universiti Malaya. In our animal husbandry course, we were taught how to formulate animal feed. The essential ingredients would be to add antibiotics and growth supplements into the feed – who cares what happens after that, provided the animals grow faster and don’t fall sick.

To make sure that we students get this into our head, question on feed formulation is always a “sure” question in our final exam!

New Research Finds Doctors are Massively Overprescribing Drugs

A new report finds that U.S. doctors are too quick to prescribe drugs, and often give little thought to side effects and non-drug alternatives.

Overprescription is rampant, according to experts.  Nearly half of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past month.  Many are being exposed to side effects, sometimes fatal ones, even though they are receiving few or no benefits from the drugs.

According to MSNBC:

“Yet many doctors are quick to prescribe a drug, partly because they have limited time to deal with individual patients or because they and their patients have been bombarded with ads from the pharmaceutical industry.”


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