Fake Medium

75-year-old duped of RM4,000 after believing medium’s prediction of son’s death

MALACCA: A 75-year-old woman has become the latest victim of a cheating medium here, and the way she was duped was typical.

Wong Sau Yoke was approached on a street by a woman pretending to be looking for a reputable traditional medicine practitioner.

While they were talking, another woman joined them and told Wong that a curse was about to befall her and only her sifu (master) could save her.

“Nothing will fall from the sky. I hope that people will stop believing in mediums who promise a quick fix to their problems” 

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Prostate cancer linked to eggs, say researchers

SCIENTISTS believe they have found a clear link between eggs and prostate cancer. Researchers say men who consume three eggs a week could be 81% more likely to develop the condition. On average British people have three-and-a-half eggs each week.

Experts think the damage may be done by the high amounts of cholesterol or a nutrient called choline which are found in the food. 

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Microwave radiation dangers in your home

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Magda Havas demonstrates how WiFi connects your laptop, iPhone and iPad to the internet via microwave radiation. You will also learn how WiFi base stations, portable phones and baby monitors constantly radiate microwave radiation. The Swiss Government feels that all of these devices have the potential to do great harm if used incorrectly and warn their citizens.

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Injectable and Oral Contraceptive Use and Cancers of the Breast, Cervix, Ovary, and Endometrium in Black South African Women: Case–Control Study

Read more:  http://www.plosmedicine.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pmed.1001182 

Oral contraceptives are known to influence the risk of cancers of the female reproductive system. Evidence regarding the relationship between injectable contraceptives and these cancers is limited, especially in black South Africans, among whom injectable contraceptives are used more commonly than oral contraceptives.

In this study, use of oral and of injectable hormonal contraceptives was associated with a transiently increased risk of breast and cervical cancer and, for long durations of use, with a reduced risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer. The observed effects of injectable and of oral contraceptives on cancer risk in this study did not appear to differ substantially.

White Coats, White Lies: How Honest Is Your Doctor?

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Is your doctor telling you the truth? Possibly not, according to a new survey in Health Affairs of nearly 1,900 physicians around the country.

The researchers found that 55% of doctors said that in the last year they had been more positive about a patient’s prognosis than his medical history warranted. And 10% said they had told patients something that wasn’t true.

Study finds MDs not always honest with patients

Study: Some doctors not always honest with patients, shading prognosis, not revealing errors

More than half admitted describing someone’s prognosis in a way they knew was too rosy. Nearly 20 percent said they hadn’t fully disclosed a medical mistake for fear of being sued. And 1 in 10 of those surveyed said they’d told a patient something that wasn’t true in the past year.


Cancer Research Fraud at Duke University

A recent episode of 60 Minutes revealed how Dr. Anil Potti, a cancer researcher at Duke University, was found to have manipulated research data to support his hypothesis, which led to over 100 terminally ill cancer patients participating in a fraudulent cancer trial.

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