by Marcus Freudenmann

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“I am booked to start tomorrow with chemotherapy and feel bad about the whole process. What should I do?”

 ”I am concerned whether I should proceed with a chemo treatment or not, or integrate it with a natural treatment to complement the Chemo Treatment and alleviate or prevent the side or long term effects of it”

“My doctor said I have to start chemo next week if I want to save my life, but I am afraid to start a deadly process. Are there alternatives?”

“I was diagnosed yesterday with breast cancer and was ordered to have mastectomy  followed by chemo. What would you do????”

This is a tough one to answer for me. Not because I don’t know the answer but because I do not want to frustrate and scare those who already have opted in for chemo.

On the other hand, would it be a big mistake NOT to be clear, as many obviously struggle and seek for a clear and direct answer.

Here is what I know and what would certainly influence my decision!

CHEMO CAUSES CANCER! This is a fact and you can read this on all those 2 m long chemotherapy side effect lists. There is overwhelming evidence and research from the UK and Australia that shows that chemotherapy agents cause DNA damage to healthy cells which in turn causes secondary cancerous cells. In many cases are the secondary cancers caused by chemo highly aggressive and impossible to treat. Many breast cancer treated women for example develop Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

CHEMO CAUSES CANCER STEM-CELLS TO MUTATE!  This is a fact well known in the industry as patients turn resistant to a drug in a very short time. Cancer cells are as described in my email yesterday very intelligent and masters of survival. They react immediately to the danger and mutate into many different forms that are completely resistant to the administered drug. If a patient has then been exposed to a second or even third line of chemo then the newly formed cancers are almost impossible to treat.

NO CHEMO IN THE WORLD CAN CATCH ALL CANCER STEM-CELLS! That’s why cancer will always come back. The thought that eradicating all cancer cells would do the trick is completely misleading and has been proven wrong.

Cancer stem cells can be caused every day by chronic inflammations, deficiencies, acidity, lack of oxygen, high levels of toxicity, radiation, stress and more. These cells then grow slowly into tiny tumors. As soon as these little tumors have a sufficient size or they are triggered by stress they connect to the bloodstream through a process called angiogenisis.  As soon as this connection is established the cancer starts growing a lot faster AND you have with 99% certainty floating cancer cells that escape into the body. This process already starts when the tumor is only 2mm in size.  That’s why cancer is always a systemic disease.

NOT ALL PATIENTS CAN METABOLIZE ALL DRUGS EQUALLY.  Many chemotherapy drugs require a bio-chemical process performed by your body to actually work. 5FU for example has to be metabolized into 5FUMP to have an biological effect. If the patients body can not perform this metabolic process you kill more healthy cells than cancer cells. The patient is poisoned and with every additional treatment the load becomes too big. That’s why many patients die of the side effect of the treatment and not from the cancer.

PHARMACO-GENOMIC PROBLEMS  Many chemo drugs have a very narrow therapeutic index which means the cytotoxic and therapeutic concentration are very close. Too little does not work, too much causes devastating toxicity on the rest of the body, and dependent of the patients condition these barriers can easily be misjudged.

The next problem is that these drugs need to be broken down by the body and eliminated. This is what we call detoxification. The liver breaks down these toxic agents in 2 phases and slowly eliminates them through the bile and colon into the stool. If now your detox mechanism does not work properly and lets say detox phase 1 or 2 are genetically impaired you recirculate these drugs in your system. With every additional round you poison the body until overload is reached.

CHEMOTHERAPY KILLS YOUR BODIES OWN DEFENSE SYSTEM! No drugs react only with cancer cells but poisons all your healthy cells. Usually fast dividing cells are the first ones to die. (hair) . That’s why you suffer from so many side effects. One of these fast dividing cells are your immune- killer-cells which are responsible for keeping you alive. They are your first line of defense. These little cells deal with fungi, bacteria, viruses, damaged and weird cells and they clean up the dead cells from your body. Without them you die in a very short time. So why in Gods name would I do anything that jeopardizes these cells.

CHEMO CAUSES MANY MORE SIDE EFFECTS! Mutated and resistant secondary cancers which are highly aggressive are one problem. High toxicity and damaged organs are the second, but no one really looks at the other side effects that make this treatment protocol so inhumane.

Chemo brain: I have met a lot of patients in the past year severely damaged in their ability to think, feel or interact with the world. The toxicity in the brain causes depression, phobias, disorientation and much more.

Lack in energy: If you have seen the dark field images I had shown in my last email Watch the video here   you know that a lack in energy is devastating to your health. Recovery requires a lot of energy. Even sleep requires a lot of energy. So why would you use a drug that causes fatigue, nausea, lack of energy, memory and concentration changes, nerve and muscle pain, impairment in hearing, loss of  sexual drive and more. Just the last point would be an argument strong enough to never touch such a drug.

I could go on but I guess you see that I would not touch this stuff. Under no circumstances. Not even low dose or combined with alternative treatments. Not even if a high success rate was indicated.

The reason is that I know all of the above plus  I have seen that there are alternatives which work much better. These alternatives have hardly any side effects, cause no mutations, make you feel fantastic, and increase your quality of life.


FDA Asks Ariad to Halt Sale of Leukemia Drug

The FDA has asked Ariad Pharmaceuticals to suspend marketing and sales of Iclusig (ponatinib), a chemotherapy agent used to treat leukemia, pending further investigation of reports of a link between the drug and increased risk of “life-threatening blood clots and severe narrowing of blood vessels”.

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