Shaman uses ‘bamboo binocular’ to find missing plane

A shaman claiming to be one of Malaysia’s top leaders has used an unusual spiritual technique in a bid to find missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

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 Now Arabs say Putrajaya using ‘magic’ to find plane with bomoh’s antics at KLIA

An Arab news portal has reported that Malaysia had resorted to using “magic” as a last resort to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. in a report about the bomoh (Malay for shaman) carrying out rituals at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) had said that Putrajaya had allowed witch doctors to carry out rituals at the KLIA in a desperate attempt to find the plane.

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Missing Malaysian Airlines flight update: Malaysia hires witch doctor to find missing plane

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Malaysian Shaman Performs Ritual for Missing Plane

 Scholars must speak out against bomoh’s antics

Global media will waste no time in reporting that Malaysian Muslims have resorted to voodoo to seek closure.

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