Nepal PM speaks of cancer battle

BIRATNAGAR – A day after a CT-Scan report showed a small ‘black spot’ in his lungs Prime Minister Sushil Koirala publicly said here on Wednesday that he is a cancer patient.

“I consumed cigarettes and chewed tobacco excessively when I was young. Now I am enduring the sufferings it caused,” the prime minister told the reporters at Biratnagar Airport. He said he suffered from tongue cancer and received treatment in America. I am going to America after few days for the regular check-up, he added.

He said a small ‘black spot’ noticed in his lungs could also be caused by the cigarette and tobacco consumption.

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Confession of a lawyer who went from hero to speed zero

“I got all my priorities wrong,” says prolific criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan, now 66 and looking gaunt, at his Leonie Hill home.

“I spent too much time in my life chasing after fame and recognition,” he told My Paper, his piercing gaze trained somewhere in the distance.

And as regrets go, he has one that goes decades back – the excessive drinks, the cigarettes, and all the stress that resulted in his dire state of health.

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TOP SURGEON threatened to give female trainees bad grades if they didn’t have SEX with him

A top surgeon was sacked by an NHS trust after he sexually harassed two women trainee doctors, a tribunal judge has heard.

The middle-aged consultant for Oxford University Hospitals Trust, who cannot be named for legal reasons, allegedly made sexual advances to the women in 2012 and begged them to join him at his house after work.
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Entitlement mentality of some kiasu Singaporeans

SINGAPORE, June 5 — Singapore’s foreign minister today urged his globetrotting countrymen to be more considerate of the city-state’s consular services and revealed cases of abuse, including a man’s demand for help getting a refund for sexual services.
K. Shanmugam, who is also the law minister, said in a Facebook post the number of overseas trips made by Singaporeans had surged to seven million in 2013, compared to 3.6 million a decade ago.
Singaporean citizens number 3.31 million, just over 60 per cent of the wealthy city-state’s 5.4 million population.
“We handled over 3,000 consular cases last year. Many cases are genuine. But sometimes we do get odd requests,” Shanmugam said.
In one instance, Shanmugam said a Singaporean sought Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) intervention “for a refund after he had gotten illegal sexual services in a foreign country”.
“He wasn’t satisfied with what he had gotten. We had to tell him that MFA could not help!”
Shanmugam said the ministry also declined to intervene when a man demanded an investigation over alleged racial discrimination while overseas.
The man had claimed “he received a smaller piece of KFC chicken compared to what the locals had.”
“He wanted MFA to investigate this instance and seek justice in that foreign country for the unfair treatment he claimed to have received,” Shanmugam said.
In another case, a Singaporean man was also turned away by consular officers after he implored their help to convince his foreign girlfriend to divorce her husband, so that he could marry her.
“We want Singaporeans to marry and have children. But there are limits,” wrote Shanmugam. “We have to draw the line between what is personal responsibility and what’s not.”
The light-hearted post was shared virally, with one Facebook user describing it as an account of “the entitlement mentality of some Singaporeans.”

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Scientist accused of fabricating stem cell research to retract papers

TOKYO, June 4 — A Japanese stem cell scientist accused of fabricating research has agreed to retract papers published in the respected journal Nature, an official said today. Haruko Obokata, 30, would withdraw two papers at the centre of the controversy, according to a spokeswoman for Riken, the respected research institute that sponsored the study, marking a steep fall from grace for the young researcher.“We confirmed that she agreed to retract both articles,” the spokeswoman said.

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