Experts Can Be Dangerous!

Experts are dangerous

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In a world full of extraordinary knowledge and countless tiny fragments of detail; the whole concept is lost: most experts lack the overview of how everything is intricately connected. They therefore pose a serious risk to everyone who seeks help with their health.

Cancer is a disease that is caused by so many CAUSES that it’s a task on it’s own to determine which of them drive the disease and which ones prevent a recovery.


Most cancer patients have limited financial resources and try to invest them as wisely as possible. To do so they often bypass the process of cause evaluation and tests and rather  jump directly to treatments to get rid of the obvious problem (CANCER).

This is usually supported by doctors who promote their treatments like warm bread. Mislead by all these sales opportunities and promising results patients follow general practice and “try” all sorts of anti cancer treatments/ remedies/ ointments and cures with tumour reduction being at the heart of each attempts. They spend valuable time and energy and massive amounts of money to rid themselves from the disease without ever looking at what caused the disease in the first place.

To visualise how ignorant this process is I always use the example of a fish tank. If your fishes are swimming belly up in a rotten, acidic, toxic soup that is laden with bacteria, lacking oxygen and missing all essential nutrients, it’s irrelevant if you treat the fish with medicine or anything else.

All you need to do is to activate the circulation pump, get rid of toxins, oxygenate the water, bring it back into a proper PH balance and increase the nutritional value to help all of your fish to thrive.


Being an expert means you know a lot more about a lot less which can become a big danger in the area of health where every system is intricately interconnected with each other.

The amount of knowledge which is required to just understand one system is so huge that many doctors start to specialise very early in their career. They develop what we call  pet expertise. Due to a certain affinity they feel attracted to either hormones, gut health, dermatological health or even toxicology while ignoring the rest that is equally related to the disease.


Let’s just assume your cancer is caused by a strong hormonal imbalance due to stressdeficiencies and plastic toxicity combined with high inflammation stemming from a dysbiosis in the gut and some dental involvement.

This combination alone requires at least 5 different experts to function as a team and to respect each other with their findings.

Unfortunately each expert sees the problem through his/her own filter and therefore their view is most of the time not as neutral as it should be.  They all see their involvement as the most important, especially if they need to compete with each other for the biggest share of the cake.

Author: CA Care

In obedience to God's will and counting on His mercies and blessings, and driven by the desire to care for one another, we seek to provide help, direction and relief to those who suffer from cancer.

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