1 in 4 males, and 1 in 5 females are likely to get cancer by 75 years old

From a Straits Times article by Ms Salma Khalik1, the National Registry of Diseases Office reported 13,241 cancer cases in 2014, with lung cancer being the deadliest type of cancer. Over a period of 5 years, from 2010 to 2014, out of 6,899 people diagnosed with lung cancer 5,732 died of it.

The incidence rate can be rather high for some types of cancer as shown in the table below, data from Singapore Cancer Society2.

Top 3 cancer by gender:

Men % Women %
Colorectal 17.2% Breast 29.2%
Lung 115.0% Colorectal 13.3%
Prostate 12.2% Lung 7.6%

A general word of advice, if you find anything unusual with your body, seek proper medical advice. The earlier the diagnosis and treatment of cancer (or any critical illness for that matter), the better your chances of making a good recovery.

For more:  http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/more-people-getting-cancer-since-2010





Author: CA Care

In obedience to God's will and counting on His mercies and blessings, and driven by the desire to care for one another, we seek to provide help, direction and relief to those who suffer from cancer.

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