The Pursuit of Truth in Medicine

by Donnie Yance

This is a great article. Read it. Yance is right to warn us to be aware that there are a lot of untruths in the healing industry! Yes, on both sides of this great divide  — doctors and alternative healers!

For those don’t like to read long article, let me highlight what Yance wrote:

  • Pursuit of Truth requires being and listening, rather than doing and assuming; and slowing down rather than speeding up.
  • … the motive behind clinical research is not to prove “truth” but to have a drug or device approved by the FDA.
  • … while there is a tremendous scientific basis for the therapeutic benefits of plants and nutrients in healing, they tend to not be studied in the most widely-accepted, gold standard, rigorous method designed for drugs, yet that does not make them any less valid or “evidence based” in my opinion. In other words, “evidence based medicine” doesn’t always mean it is the right medicine or the best medicine and we need to look beyond and apply a multitude of lenses to discover this (i.e., truth).
  • … “truth” in the medical arena—including pharmaceutical drugs and various treatments—actually has little validity and can be more detrimental than doing nothing. The attempt to gain approval of a drug, device, or treatment method is not a pursuit of truth, but unfortunately, is often driven by self -interest, and lacks the necessary ingredient of wisdom.
  • When it comes to postulating truths about herbal and dietary medicine, the medical establishment is not only frequently incorrect and dogmatic, but often maintains a position that is opposite to the truth, especially when it comes to herbs.
  • Misinformation is rampant, and the internet has exacerbated the problem. … There is an abundance of bad information and a lack of wisdom and integrity to guide you towards the truth.
  • “The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge” – Daniel Boorstein
  • Truth involves a willingness to accept that the natural and the supernatural coexist. But this is not the way of modern conventional medicine. As a result, the medical profession is painfully shortsighted and makes egregious errors, including making proclamations about health that prove to be incorrect.
  • When I was five years old, my mother was told, if they removed my tonsils, it would improve my health and reduce the incidence of sore throats and infections. It wasn’t too many years later that the standard-of-care regarding prophylactic removal of the tonsils was stopped, and the tonsils were recognized as an important part of the immune system. But it was too late for me, and for millions of other children who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s.
  • I am continually appalled by how much of modern medicine is not based in truth, and worse, is accepted without any evidence. For example, not so long ago, if you had a small hormonal positive breast cancer, the standard-of-care was a mastectomy with lymph node dissection, with a full course of high dose chemotherapy that included three agents, followed by tamoxifen therapy, regardless of your age. No one questioned this practice, or asked for evidence demonstrating that the protocol significantly enhanced life or improved quality-of-life. The sad truth is that the accepted protocol did not benefit the vast majority of women. A small percentage of women were helped, but many others were irreparably damaged by the treatment, and would have been better off with no treatment except for hormone inhibition.
  • Yet herbal medicine, used for thousands of years and documented in countless historical medical textbooks, folklore, and in many cases re-validated by modern medicine, is falsely accused of not being “evidence based.”
  • In the pursuit of truth, we must seek open-mindedness.
  • … confronting cancer … Success is measured by outcome, quality of life, and health care costs, which are the most important parameters.
  • “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” – John Wooden



Many cancer patients don’t even feel sick until they start treatment!

Being diagnosed with cancer is not only bad, it’s an extremely scary and unpredictable time in your life.
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The truth is, many cancer patients don’t even feel sick until they start treatment!

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Ty Bollinger