The Truth About Chemotherapy — truth that your doctors would not tell you!

The dark truth of the chemotherapy industry nobody knows about.

Medical BOMBSHELL: Chemotherapy found to spread cancer

All Government-Funded Science is FAKE SCIENCE!


Risk of breast cancer’s return looms for 20 years: Study


MIAMI — Women who are treated for a kind of breast cancer that is fueled by the hormone estrogen face a substantial risk of the cancer returning, even 20 years later, researchers said Wednesday (Nov 8).

The risk is highest in women whose original tumors were large and affected four or more lymph nodes, said the report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Researchers analysed data from 88 clinical trials involving nearly 63,000 women with estrogen-receptor (ER) positive breast cancer, one of the most common types.

Patients in the study all received endocrine therapy — such as tamoxifen which is the standard of care to cut the risk of cancer recurrence — for five years and were free of cancer when they stopped therapy.

But researchers found a “steady” risk of tumors recurring over the next 15 years, up to 20 years after the initial diagnosis.


This finding is nothing new …. alternative healers have been saying this for years!

After medical treatments, most patients are told:  After FIVE years you are cured!!!!!!!!!

Now you know that your doctor’s advice can change as suddenly, as quickly and as frequently as you change your dress!


Chemotherapy causes and spreads cancer

A new study that was just published in the journal Science Translational Medicine reveals chemotherapy increases the number of cancer cells circulating in the body and in the lungs. The chemotherapy drugs not only created new cancers, but spread them to other parts of the body where they are nearly always lethal.

Patients with breast cancer who are given chemotherapy drugs prior to surgery shrink their breast tumors in the short run while triggering the spread of deadly cancer around the body.